Connor Dixon-Schwabl

Red Tie Society

Meet Connor Dixon-Schwabl, co-president of The Red Tie Society, a group of Young Professionals in the Rochester community who are dedicated to raising awareness and funds, as well as recruiting volunteers, for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester.

Based in Rochester, NY, Connor has been with The Red Tie Society since 2013 as one of its founding members. In his roles as studio manager at Dixon Schwabl and owner/operator of Lakeview Valet, he uses problem-solving and creativity to inspire others, including members of The Red Tie Society, to envision and follow through in their efforts to achieve their goals. He has prior experience in leading large teams as co-leader of Dixon Schwabl’s Driving Workplace Wow Initiative, which ensures the agency is a positive place to work for each and every team member.

A graduate of St. John Fisher College with a degree in communications, and of Roberts Wesleyan College with a masters in strategic marketing, Connor is passionate about using his communications skills not only at work, but also in the community. In addition to his positions with The Red Tie Society, he sits on the board of Hope Hall and is actively involved in various Dixon Schwabl community initiatives.

His favorite part about leading The Red Tie Society? “It’s cliché, but the friendships I’ve made. I truly believe that you are who you surround yourself with. I’m lucky to be a member of RTS and spend time with such incredible people.” And as for what’s next? “Sky is the limit for RTS. We have a strong foundation and are growing quickly. We’re looking to attract a strong group of young professionals who are proud to call Rochester home and want to make this community a better place for those in need.”