Lasser Family

The Lasser Family

Jay’s first son, Miles, was born premature and spent weeks at Golisano Children’s Hospital. Jay was blindsided by the beeping and buzzing in the NICU, and the Ronald McDonald House Within the Hospital provided a welcome escape.

“To know the Ronald McDonald House is there provides a big crutch. My story is a simple one, but you hear these other stories that you can’t even imagine. The staff there are special people, and they’re with families through their highs and their lows. There’s a bond there that’s unbreakable.”

When Jay’s second son, Ari, was also born premature, his family returned to the Ronald McDonald House Within the Hospital to familiar faces — and now, the added value of daycare for Miles. Both experiences left a lasting mark on Jay’s heart. He is now a member of the Ronald McDonald House Red Tie Society, dedicated to spreading awareness, gaining volunteers, and raising funds to benefit the families and loved ones of children in need.

“The second time around, it was definitely helpful to know what we were talking into. We said, ‘Hey guys, we’re coming home! It’s been awhile, but we’re back!’ [Ronald McDonald House] has been a blessing for both kids. It’s close to my heart, and I continue to get involved because of what it did for us.”