Dylan Dusinberre

Remembering Sweet Dylan

A Story of Remembrance. Written by Amy Hendrickson, mother of Dylan Dusinberre. Life was drastically changed forever for me, my son Brett, stepson Joshua and my entire family. On November 18, 2008, my 3year old son Dylan J. Dusinberre, stepson Joshua and their father were in a tragic automobile accident. Joshua made it out but their father, Sean passed away.

Dylan was transported to the Clifton Springs Hospital Emergency Room and then transported to the Strong Memorial Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This is when we were greeted with sincere compassion and support from the hospital and from the house staff at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester, NY (RMHC Rochester). Just below the PICU, they had a place for us to stay called the RMHC Rochester House Within The Hospital.

Our large family and dear friends gathered at the hospital to be together and support Dylan while he was on life support for 9 days. During those long, emotionally draining, and daunting 9 days, my family and I were living in a “fog”. We were numb and uncertain what the future held for Dylan. My sole focus at that time was being by Dylan’s side and being there when doctors came in to assess his brain activity. With each assessment came high hopes and extreme desperation to see some sign of brain activity from Dylan. It was absolutely heart wrenching and devastating when the results of the assessments were not in Dylan’s favor.

Thankfully the House Within The Hospital provided us help, guidance and a room of our own. We were able to go privately “digest” and try to make sense of the results of these assessments. Nine days after his arrival, on Thanksgiving Day, Dylan passed away. We could go the room at anytime which was a huge support in itself. There were times that we mentally needed a “break” from the beeping machines and the nurses coming in and out.

Although, I do have to say, the nurses were wonderful. My 9yr old son, Brett and 13yr old stepson, Joshua had a lot of questions about the machines and the tubes that Dylan was hooked up to. The nurses took the time to really explain and answer the boys at a level that they could understand. This gave the boys some bit of comfort as they too tried to understand and grasp what was happening.
It was extremely comforting to be just an elevator ride away from Dylan during those rare times that I did leave his room.
The RMH provided us with everything from beds to sleep in to toothbrushes and deodorant. They gave me fresh clean clothes and always had plenty of food and drinks to help “refuel”.

Dylan was an adorable, caring, curious, helpful, joyful and fun little 3 year old boy. He loved spending time with his two older brothers and the whole family. He enjoyed music, riding his little bicycle and cuddling while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and Curious George. Dylan was adventurous and full of life. I may no longer be able to hold my sweet boy in my arms but, I will NEVER stop carrying him in my heart.

Dylan lives on FOREVER in our lives and in our hearts!